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  1. sup guys names Kyle, I am the only Scottish Guy in the first ever around the world cycle race starting in feb of 2012 .... have just done a video shoot with inspiration Scotsman Mark Beaumont video by Tom Joy Photography, we are looking for a local band / singer/songwriter to give us use of their music for the video .... full credit will be given.... previous video we used music by Myke Black and it went down well. Hits for this Video will be HUGE due to the following Mark Beaumont has, not only in Scotland but also around the world. We will listen to bands that are keen to give us use and find the best fit for us teaser video 33360105 you can get in touch via my website... http://www.inspired2inspire.org.uk facebook... @ www.facebook.com/inspired2inspire twitter... @KBH_GBR2012
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