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  1. If anyone is interested by the way, my email address is grievergirl@hotmail.co.uk and I can mail you some pics
  2. Right I'll tell you from the offset that I live in Airdrie which is in the West of Scotland....kind of stumbled upon this forum and thought someone might want to travel for this wee guitar, so it was worth a try. Now about the guitar, it's the model with EMGs 81/85 in it and is midnight ebony. I only bought it in January of this year for 550, and it's never been gigged so is in mint condition. I'm only selling because I'm saving for an Ibanez Prestige model and a new amp head. I doubt anyone will want to come down from Aberdeen to get it, but hey ho, if you do I am looking for 350, or the nearest offer, but it is negotiable. Thanks for your time.
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