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  1. May the fourth be you.

  2. So you're abstaining from any votes in Scotland. Nice one.

  3. "Adult instrumental musicians have more grey matter in somatosensory, premotor, superiorparietal, and inferior temporal areas of the cortex and these enlargements correlate with their levels of expertise GaserandSchlaug,2003)." I'm working on a paper that actually explains what the heck that statement means, but it's cool. If you want more grey matter, get thee to lessons. Link attached. www.robinthornton.co.uk

  4. Miliband doesn't seem to know what the Capital of Scotland is, "The United Kingdom is united. Look, people in Glasgow care about people in London. People in London care about people in Cardiff. People in Cardiff care about people in Glasgow. I care about that". Tool.

  5. I have updated my calendar to reflect my teaching times. Good news/bad news. Bad news is that I'm fairly full. Good news is that Thursdays are a little freer. You can book lessons through the website. www.robinthornton.co.uk

  6. Busy studying my MProc. Only a couple of months to go now and I'll be a Master of Procrastination. Just thought I'd share that with Face Book rather than actually study.

  7. Apparently there are only four parties to vote for.

  8. 2:47 - Learn to talk like Ygritte.

  9. Skype lessons are going well. They are really convenient for my pupils who can't travel for lessons. They maintain one-to-one contact and the file sharing options are a bonus.

  10. I am so proud of my pupils. I am reviewing the contracts. This highlights when each pupil started and how far they have come in the time they have spent in lessons. Well done to the pupils and their helpful parents.

  11. Westminster equivalent.

  12. Anyone voting Labour? Anyone? Do I have any takers? No. Ok, moving on...

  13. Hi everyone, I'm starting a Ceilidh band. PM me for audition details.
  14. Does anyone know of a Ceilidh Band looking for a Bassist? I'm keen to get out playing again.

  15. Marketing truth 1: One satisfied customer may tell one prospective customer. One dissatisfied customer will tell ten.

    Marketing truth 2: Disengaged business = disengaged customers.

    I went to Sibelius.com to buy a score writing package. They directed me away to buy the product elsewhere.

    Having found a seller, the product didn't install properly. Sibelius also disengage from after sales.

    I say this to warn anyone thinking buying score writing software.

    Referrals are how services work....

  16. Final thought before tomorrow: this has become heated, because both sides want to put their points across. Come tomorrow evening, let's all be respectful friends again.

    We had the opportunity to alter the voting system to become more democratic. Too many people were fearful of change and FPTP remained: this is undemocratic. Which ever way you vote tomorrow, please let it come from a place of knowledge rather than fear. Apathy is not an option.

    Good luck everyone. Either way, we ar...

  17. BETTER TOGETHER - read verse 6.

    1. God save our gracious Queen,

    Long live our noble Queen,

    God save the Queen!

    Send her victorious,

    Happy and glorious,

    Long to reign over us;

    God save the Queen!

    2. O Lord our God arise,

    Scatter her enemies

    And make them fall;

    Confound their politics,

    Frustrate their knavish tricks,

    On Thee our hopes we fix,

    God save us all!

    3. Thy choicest gifts in store

    On her be pleased to pour;

    Long may she reign;

    May she defend our laws,

    And ever give...

  18. It's like the end of a very long summer holiday: back to school tomorrow. Masters starts tomorrow, have I got my bag packed?

  19. Just started watching an old favourite. Forgot how good it was. Save the cheerleader: save the world.

  20. IT people. I type in a web address - like the correct one and everything - and, rather than going to that site - which would be really convenient - I am directed to Bing. There is a disclaimer that says, "By using this site you are agreeing to our cookies policy." Can I get rid of this, or is this just how we do business these days? It's like me breaking into your house and forcing you to abide by the ISM contract when you don't even want the service. Do better business Bing.

  21. Drummers: We need a drummer for a paid gig on the 25th of October. There is no obligation to join thereafter. If we click, you will have access to Wedding and Function work.
  22. I'm watching the debate between Alec Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland and Alistair Darling. When both people, arguing, talk at the same time, both loose. Neither is heard.

  23. New Hymn for Church

    I have written a new Hymn. I went to an Ecumenical service and the Minister read out something. He wasn't sure whether it was lyrics or a poem, but the words were meaningful. I was inspired to set the text to music. The hymn will be presented to Banchory West Church on the 5th of October, but I need singers. If you would like to sing, please contact me. If you know someone who would, please pass them my details.

    Thanks and God Bless.

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