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  1. yeah i actually have a topic in the 8mb cause thats what i started on well times have changed but any connection problems please feel free to put them in my blog and have a look at my topic as well Orange Problems - View topic - Are <a href="http://www.paccodes.co.uk" target="PAC">Orange</a> taking the p - Orange Broadband, Orange Email, Orange Mobile Phones - OrangeProblems.co.uk
  2. well been looking and 02 do a decent deal any advice there. have just spoken to ofcom about this situation and they have given me a orange number which i did and hopefully this will make them pull their finger out. my line at the moment had been capped to 2mb as i said before and need to get that sorted before moving to a new supplier. all that i need to do is find some one that is not bt to get my phone line connected to. i have spoken to aol and they cant offer us a phoneline because its no longer in the hands of bt, i said this to ofcom and they said is isnt true they can take it over but the costs might be high. well got a call back from the high up complaints team to try resolve before i have to change suppliers altogether. keep the info coming though guys
  3. cheers again guys yeah you are a little closer than me to the exchange. my wife just spoke to orange and they arent going to fix the problem any time soon and have said we can leave with no charges and we get a full refund for all charges including calls we have had to make to them. this is a easy way out for them to deal with a problem. i have my netgear from aol and have used that on the line with no differnce in broadband at all. so my next step is to get a new phone and broadband supplier which is a big hassle to be honest. i am still going to get my friend to do his report which will hopefully shake things up for both orange and bt for suppling a rubbish service. all this info i will pass on, but your identity will be anonymous and with everyones permission i can use your stats to help my friend do the report. so its time to go shopping not happy about this...
  4. hey cheers again guys well they dont need to trottle me cause i get a max of 0.5mbps and yes it does go down as low as 0.3mbps in the evening. i have just started a blog u pay have your say: orange broadband on denburn aberdeen exchange this is to get a clear picture of people on the denburn exchange from different isps i am planning to get my friend who works for the evening express to run this story not just to get my problem sorted but everyone who is in the same boat as me. so if u know anyone that is on the denburn exchange get them to go to blog and post their results as this will help get a clear picture of all isps and also a idea of the issue of distance from exchange as well.
  5. i know there has been a lot of trouble with this exchange in the past. i used to be with aol and never ever had speed issues its just cause bt are selling to many ipstream connections to companies like orange who then sells to too many customer in turn making a lot of customers with a slow connection speeds etc. do any of you getting slower than normal connection between 6 and 11 as well??
  6. cheers guys for the fast response. the info from the modem is the DownstreamAttenuation and the DownstreamNoiseMargin. this can help to get a rough idea how far from exchange etc you are.
  7. yeah guessed that. i have been on the phone so many times to orange made the biggest mistake swapping to them now they say it could take months to get me on a normal connection they say that the exchange is full and i am in a quee at the mo. well my sister is on the denburn exchange and she is on bt and getttin a rubbish 1-2mbps and her ip profile is set to 4500kbps which is low. can you run a test at Test Result and see what results your getting through also any info from the modem as well
  8. hi, first post on here so please bear with me i signed upto orange broadband 6 weeks and from the start have been getting dl speeds of 0.5mbps or lower. i am on the denburn exchange in aberdeen. i have spoken to their customer support and it has to said they are something special. they made me run around in circles for three weeks, which neither me or the wife enjoyed. this thread will hopefully find out if anyone else on the denburn exchange is experiencing problems with dl speeds and if theres something we can do about. my sister also on the denburn exchange but with bt is experiencing lower than normal speeds (1000kbps) and i have noticed her ip profile is set to 4500kbps which is well below the max the exchange can take. if there is anyone out there on denburn exchange please help by posting either a test result from speedtest.net or speedtester.bt.com cheers for looking
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