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  1. This sounds right up my street. If you are still looking give me a Pm back! Cheers
  2. 25 and I will take the peavy amp of your hands?
  3. Looking for a keyboard around 20. Just something to mess around on. Would prefer programmable, not essential!
  4. Bass modifications I am looking for a bass tech that would be able to sort a few things on my bass also. I am also wanting to do some modifications aswell! If anyone knows of someoone or you can do this PM me please! Cheers Graeme
  5. Hi, Have been playing as a band for over a year now. Took a break for a few months due to some departures, but now are up and running again as a three piece! Pretty much looking to start a fresh with addition of some old tunes.In the middle of setting up arrangements for recording.Hopoefully get a vocalist that will introduce styles of there own. Female or male is fine. PM let me know if your up for it!
  6. I would be up for giving a go on bass if your still looking?
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