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  1. Starving Artists and NMN Comedy are excited to be collaborating to bring to Aberdeen one of the UK's nicest, hardworking and funniest comedians, Simon Caine. Simon will be previewing his 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show, Sex, Drugs and Other Things I Never Do. Simon has been performing comedy for over 6 years and has performed over 850 gigs, all over the country. Simon is also the creator of the very popular Ask The Industry Podcast featuring interviews the most influential people from the world of stand-up, comedy, writing, TV and radio.Previous guests have included Iain Coyle (Dave / UKTV Comedy Commissioner) David Quantick (writer for BrassEye) & Bruce Dessau (London Evening Standard Art & Comedy Critic), Copstick (Head Comedy Reviewer at the Scotsman) and Armando Iannucci (writer on BrassEye / Veep etc) and more.In addition to that, Simon gives advice and writes guides for budding comedians based on his own experiences in the industry. From an "Indie Guide To British Comedy Festivals" to an "Indie Comedians Guide To Writing A Press Release", he has you coveredPress Quotes:“I won’t fuck you. But you were very funny. I genuinely loved the night. Amazing.” – Copstick (head comedy reviewer at the Scotsman Newspaper, 2017)“That was awesome. I liked it… I don’t know why. But it was great. I’ll have you back” – Mike Manera (Piccadilly Comedy Club, 2016)“What you’re doing is great… the problem is nobody understands it.” – Iain Coyle (Dave TV Comedy Commissioner, 2016)“The Martin Luther King Jr of comedy.” – Broadway Baby, 2015“This is one of the few comedians to make me howl with laughter this year…” – comedian Adam Bloom (2015)“Keep an eye on what Simon does because in 3 years time everybody else will be trying to do it.” – Stu Goldsmith (2014)Tickets are £8 and can be bought on the door! Simon Caine Fringe Preview at The Blue Lamp
  2. hey man. Off the top of your head if i was going to get a simple Rhodes sound like that one in the video i liked you to, what would you suggest? I'm not looking for an exact replication of that sound, just something along those lines.


  3. .......Thanks Jon .... nice comments .. cheers mate

  4. www.flickr.com/demoneye1989

    pretty limited but it's all that I've got online

  5. http://myspacebarisbroken.bandcamp.com/track/the-let-go

    you can download the track from that link, hopefully we will be jamming it this week! Dont feel to worried about lyrics, i'm happy to sit down with you and give it a go if you want or you can just take full control.

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