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  1. Ok before I start Im sorry for trashing your forum with Take That tickets, but just looking for an avenue to get these things sold. Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm unable to go to the Take That gig at the Sunderland Stadium of Light on Saturday June 6th 2009. I have 2 tickets for sale for the gig and I am only looking for 30 per ticket The support for the gig has been confirmed as The Saturdays and Gary Go! I have the tickets in hand so their ready to go if you or any friends and family would be interested. If there are any questions ill be happy to answer ? Hayleigh x
  2. I can put these tickets down to 35 for the pair if anyones interested... just wanting rid of them now! Hayles xx
  3. 2 x tickets for Franz Ferdinand at the Barrowlands in Glasgow Thu 5th Mar. 40 o.n.o If your interested let me know on suga_dame@hotmail.com and i'll get straight back to you. Hayles
  4. Hello hello... On the hunt for one or two kaiser tickets for tonight at the AECC? get in touch at hstables@trident-offshore.com if you have any available? Cheers, Hayleigh
  5. Hey there, Just hunting about for two tickets for the 'phonics gig tomorrow at the AECC. If anyone knows anyone that has or if you yourself have any going spare please give me a shout on hstables@trident-offshore.com Thank You, Hayleigh
  6. Hey Everyone, Im trying to snag two tickets for the Feeder gig tonight at the Music Hall? Does anyone have any spares or know anyone that would have? If so get in touch at hstables@trident-offshore.com Thank You, Hayleigh
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