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    ACDC Tickets!

    Has anyone recieved their ACDC tickets for Hampden yet? I'm getting worried mine haven't arrived yet! :O
  2. Hi I have 2 standing tickets for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for 12th July at RDS Arena Dublin! Selling at cost price (85,each), let me know if you want them!
  3. Yep, just gonna PM you now!!
  4. I hav two tickets for tom because i cant go anymore and i really dont want them to go to waste and i really want a music fan to go !!!! Any offers will be considered coz i jus want someone to go hav an awesome day!!!
  5. I have two saturday tickets if u want ?!
  6. Still not sold - any offers ?? Haven't managed to sell them so I will accept any offers , I would prefer a music fan to get them rather than for nobody to use the tickets and them get wasted!!!!
  7. I have 2 saturday T in the Park tickets to sell because unfortunately I cannot go anymore The Saturday line up looks amazing!! I will sell my 2 tickets for 120 for both o.n.o (less than origional cost). Get in touch if u r interested !
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