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  1. I'm a 28 year old Drummer looking for a rock band/musicians to make noise with. Too many influneces to list but litsenting to a lot of the following recently: Kings of leon Yeah Yeah Yeah's Wolfmother Futureheads etc....................................... Give us a shout if you're interested. Got my own practice room so always up for anyone coming round for a jam.
  2. Hey! Just in case anyone is looking for a drummer at this time . I would like to offer my services . Be warned I am very much new to drumming having only started last winter. Though I feel I'm getting the hang of it. Ideally I'm looking for any kind of rock band (except emo)with members over the age of 20(I'm 28). My main influences are the likes of the 60's and 70's legends such as Bonham and Moon but I take a lot from whats offered from drummers such as Lars Ulrich and Vinnie Paul Abbot. So drop us an email on mattghrobertson@btinternet.com if your interested.
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