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  1. 4 tix for sale for the gig at Fat Sams Dundee o_O tonight - any reasonable offer considered pm if interested......
  2. Very fond memories of that gig at the Capitol too....
  3. Great show - was really looking forward to seeing them and they didn't disappoint yes it's a dive but we've little choice i s'pose.......
  4. 2 tickets for sale 15 each............pm if interested.
  5. Totally gutted about this - seen loads of bands there over the years and it will be sadly missed........
  6. Looking for 1 standing ticket for the AECC gig on Saturday night - PM me if you got any spare.
  7. Due to work commitments I have 2 tickets for sale - 12.50 (face value) each or offers. PM if interested......
  8. Ok so any of you oldies remember the 4" Be 2" gig at the MH where some of the band (quite possibly Lydon's brother) got nicked at the end of the show..........I have a vague recollection of some sort of stage invasion as well but that could have been another time ?(
  9. Indeed they did but there was an earlier,poorly attended show at the good old Venue. It would be good to see a list of who played there and when (and ditto for The Capitol) but I guess such a thing doesn't exist other than in the ramblings of all the oldies in this thread lol....
  10. Just to add a few that I recall.......... Altered Images (Clare Grogan up close & personal !!!) Comsat Angels The Sound Age of Chance Theatre of Hate The Blow Monkeys Love & Money Orange Juice PWEI (but that might have been at Fusion/Ritzy ???) and many more that I've forgotten......... Top 3 gigs there for me were; Wonderstuff/Pixies/JAMC
  11. Think it's Tiny Dancers - wasn't this last night ? If so any good ?
  12. I can't remember 1-UP being in Happy Trails but the other lot were Ezy Rider and I think they had a shop in Edinburgh as well ?
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