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  1. whats the world coming to when you can't get on a chat forum and spout unjustified rubbish and blind hatred for glaswegians without someone getting all 'rational' honestly...
  2. You ARE?!?! oh balls, well there goes my argument, where the hell were you two hours ago? Kudos to you my friend, if you win, promise you'll let them know that there is life up here, pleeeeez!
  3. i reckon all you should be allowed to send in is a cd of your music with no artwork, biog or anything - just a phone number on the disk to call if they like it. That way there can be no bias, and it will be "all about the music" ha ha,can't even type that without smiling
  4. Finally, a fellow conspiracy theorist!!! Down with the central belt! Ha ha. I agree. It's the same as the london scene in england or the New York scene in the states i guess, all i hope is that with bands being able to record and market themselves more effectively with new technologies (photoshop, myspace etc etc) that a band will be able to 'bypass' all the a&r twats (a la arctic monkeys) and get their tunes heard regardless of where they're from.
  5. hmmm...i think travis started at T break,and perhaps biffy clyro? but that's all i can think of. That's a good point actually, appreciating that most bands will fail to make it, if there is an overwhelming amount of bands that don't make it after being at T break, then maybe the guys who are picking the bands should be changed
  6. Don't get me wrong, i think there's loads of good music about in glasgow and edinburgh, and the isle of skye for that matter! I'm not saying there should be a band from aberdeen just because they're from aberdeen - i mean, yes there is a lot of crap in the deen scene, but i was just surprised that of 48 bands across the country, not one was from aberdeen was good enough. I know of a few very good bands who submitted that didn't get in (and no, im not including my own band in that number) You're right of course that T break isn't the be all and end all of scottish music - but it is an excellent opportunity for unsigned bands
  7. Now this is gonna sound like sour grapes, but I cannot believe that not 1 band from Aberdeen has made it into the T Break finals. There's Sonnet 65 from Angus and Project Ven Hell from stonehaven, but the rest are pretty much glasgow and edinburgh based. I am not saying this as a disgruntled musician, but there are so many good bands in aberdeen (admittdly there's plenty of shit as well) an i just think none of them get taken seriously unless they're down schmoozing it up in the central belt. I was on Jock Rock.com the other day and it described aberdeen's music scene being pretty undeveloped, what a lot of balls. Even the GoNorth festival brings in so many bands from the south, couldn't it be used to promote more aberdeen bands? Am i on my own here or does anyone else agree?
  8. Hey ho anyone who's nt goin to the rakes tonight should check out the gig at the tunnels. Pretty good line up. Captain Face have been added to the date as one of the bands have pulled out - they have a mini album coming out with Fat Hippy in the summer, and though i say it myself, are worth checking out.
  9. not that i want to try an attempt to overshadow the genius of zappa, but have you seen local band Captain Face's cover of Magic Fingers? We...I mean they (ahem) do a pretty kickass rendition...
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