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  1. Ok thanks for the help
  2. Yep, ive started doing that. I saw Zakk Wylde explain why he does that in an interview. He believes it helps tuning stability, reduces breakages and makes bending easier. In the space of a couple of weeks i had snapped my high E twice going for a big bend(probably too big a bend), and it had snapped right at the ball-end, so that persuaded me to try stringing them like Zakk Wylde and ive had no problems at all. Its not snapped since and to me it does feel easier to bend
  3. Right me and my mate(bassist) are trying to put a rock band together ie.RATM ACDC GNR etc. Now ive pretty much settled on getting a Marshall DSL401 thanks to the advice on here so thanks for that. Now we're trying to get a decent bass amp sorted with a budget of 250 and after much time spent on bass forums its seem the Ashdown Electric Blue 180w combo is the amp of choice. Only thing is, whats better to go with - the 200 12inch speaker or the 250 15inch speaker version. There seemed to be much debate as to which sounded better, the 12 or 15 and the 12 is 50 cheaper. But wont the 15 give more low-end? Another thing that provoked debate was wattage needed for gigging, bearing in mind it'll be up against the DSL401. Is 180w enough for the local venues? If not i spotted the Ashdown MAG 300Watt for 300. 50 over budget but a fair bit more oomph. Any opinions would be brilliant. Cheers
  4. That thing looks seriously good, bit above what i want to spend but if it sounds so much better than the AVT as people say, its worth it. Does seem somewhat unreliable but i'll only be using it for rehearsing/gigging so hopefully wont take too much abuse and marshall seem to have made efforts to rectify this on newer models. Only way to decide is to get down to a guitar shop
  5. Thanks for the reply guys, im certainly more informed now, yet the decision still seems no easier. Assuming i get the AVT 100, would i need an attenuator or not? As im already on a budget and this just racks it up even more. If this is the case would i not be able to get away with the AVT 50 mic'd up? The AVT 50 is 80 cheaper, now i dont want to waste that getting the AVT100 if it needs an attentuator, but if the AVT50 might not be loud enough its useless. Also one last thing, would the AVT100 be fine for rehearsing? Cheers
  6. Hey, me and and couple of mates are in the process of putting a rock band together, so im going to get me a decent amp and ive pretty much settled on a Marshall AVT. Only thing is i dont know whats best to get for the venues round here, 50W or 100W. Is 100W the safer bet or 50W enough? Cheers
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