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  1. Davron

    Acoustic thing

    I've followed you on soundcloud, I have stuff on there too
  2. Davron

    Acoustic thing

    Sounds good, if you search David brown music on Facebook you should be able to hear my stuff. I'll try have a listen to your stuff but I'm offshore and the Internet is very temperamental
  3. are you's still on the search for a singer??
  4. Davron

    Acoustic thing

    Alright hows it going? Just wondering what kind of stuff you play? I play guitar but i'm mainly a singer and i'm in the same boat with the half written songs ect. Cheers
  5. I have 4 white lies tickets for sale if anyones interested??? The gigs at the 02 academy glasgow this sat.
  6. singer Alright man,I've recently left a band to but i'm keen to get back into it! What kind of things you go in mind? I'm offshore just now but you can check out my stuff on David Brown on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. Let me know what you think if you like we could hook up for a jam some time?
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