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  1. Hi guys, Thanks so much for your offers, but I managed to pick up a 14" x 5" Ludwig 400 on ebay for a pretty penny. Gonna give it a try, I've heard good things. If I decide to change though I'll be sure to hit you up. Cheers!
  2. Yeah man, brass is great. What is it you have exactly?
  3. So I'm looking to acquire a new snare, I already have a Brady Jarrah Block so I'm looking for something metal to give me a different choice in sound. I've been looking at the Pearl Free Floating models, along with the new Mapex Black Panther offerings, but mainly I am looking for a good deal. If anyone here is thinking of selling their metal snares then give me a shout, I am keen. I have a budget in mind but I'd just like to see if anyone has anything to offer first. Condition should be good to mint, and sizes I'm not too bothered about, preferably 14x5 - 6.5 but I'm easy. Cheers!
  4. Hi, Got a 10" Zildjian K Custom Dark Splash going, also a 8" Zildjian Avedis A splash. P.M. me if interested.
  5. If you give me til the start of next week (when one of my ebay sales ends) I'll take it off you for 50...
  6. Damn, a day too late. If its still available I'd like to register serious interest.
  7. Mate, you're listing in a forum based in Aberdeen, Scotland. So yeah, perhaps shipping will be required.
  8. Okay, just to let people know that I now have a buyer for the MMX's...
  9. Haha, just noticed that. Its a reflection off the cymbal bag on the floor, its an Istanbul Alchemy branded bag, and what you're seeing is the logo off that. The bass skin is just plain black as in the second picture.
  10. Pearl have literally just pulled the Masters Premium line from their selection of kits, meaning that the only way to get a 4-ply shell from them now is to go totally custom through the Masterworks line, which equals MEGAbucks. I'm selling this at a decent price, and I did say I was open to offers... I also have a Pearl ELX kit to sell, in Autumn Fade with chrome hardware (a rare combo). 5 peice, 10x8, 12x9 and 14x12 (I think) with a 22x18 bass drum and 14x5.5 matching snare. Comes with hardware (hi hat, snare stand, straight and boom stand), tom holders and ISS mounts, and a pearl P-100 single pedal. Comes with vgc new heads - pinstripes on the toms, evans dry on the snare (I think) and powerstroke 3 on the bass batter and reso. ALSO the softcases that I keep the kit in right now come with the sale, they're not the top of the line or anything but do a great job of keeping the drums clean when in storage and providing some good protection from the odd bump or whatever. All the drums have a case. Additional hardware is negotiable. Here are some pics: I'm not selling the cymbals with the kit, keeping those for myself! Hardly had a chance to play this kit really, bought it in 2004ish and it's sat in its cases for a lot of that time (due to lack of space to play and then uni and stuff). Great kit for gigging or practice, with the heard I have on it it really sounds great. I can email more pics/a recording of the kit if interested. Looking for around 300 for everything, I'm open to offers though. Cheers!
  11. drumboy_14

    A question

    Here's a video of me playing to some Lamb of God so you can see what I'm like (please excuse the lanky hair and electronic kit, this was when I was at uni last year haha) Edit: would help if I actually posted the link. Duh. YouTube - Blood of the Scribe - Lamb of God - Drum Cover
  12. drumboy_14

    A question

    I can play drums, AND I like Nirvana. Only catch is I live in Dundee during term time, but I could travel for rehearsals/gigs...
  13. Got a Pearl Masters Custom MMX for sale, #126 Emerald Mist lacquer. The kit dates from around 1995-1998, and has the old style triple-flanged hoops and ISS mounts rather then the Optimounts, but is in excellent condition. The odd scratch here or there but in amazing condition for its age. The Emerald Mist lacquer is shiny and beautiful. These drums are 4 ply maple with reinforcement rings, and their thin shells mean they sing beautifully and resonate fully with the typical warm tones of maple. The sizes are as follows: 10"x10" hanging tom, 12"x10" hanging tom, 14"x12" hanging tom, 20"x16" kick drum. The drums come with the ISS mounts, but no other hardware. These drums are top-of-the-line Pearl, back when they were released there was really nothing better in terms of quality. Their sound will kick the hell out of many of your "custom" drum companies, and were (and still are) used by professionals all over. I am looking for 750 o.v.n.o for the shell pack, I have hardware that I may be willing to sell but you'd have to make me an offer. I hope someone can find me a good home for these drums, I just don't have the space (or time) with Uni to have this kit taking up space right now. Here are some pics for you (sorry about the quality, taken with an Iphone): You can't really see the finish in these photos with the quality of the Iphone but if you want an idea of what emerald mist is like see this thread (the drums are different but the colour is the same): MBX in emerald mist - Pearl Drummers Forum Cheers!
  14. Is this the old style rubber pad or the newer style mesh head?
  15. drumboy_14

    ace game

    Walkthrough Warning! This thread contains spoilers! Look away if you don't want to be told how to beat this game!! To beat the game: 1. Open all the windows and turn the arrow to point right 2. Open the hatch and let one guy out. 3. Let him blow the bridge down so you can walk on it. 4. Use the second stone projectile to ring the bell. As the bell is being struck, click on the two sided arrow (the one beside the bell) to stop stone blocking it. This will open the door at the bottom left fhand corner. 5. Fire the two grenade projectiles at the bridge, as they are about to hit the bridge click on the bridge to knock them up into the air and explode harmlessly. 6. Fire the blue chip at the bridge so that the guy can lift the barrier. 7.Click on the guy operating the cannon to load him into it, and let another guy out to fire him at the bell (make sure the arroe is pointing to the left) 8. Click on the guy beside the bell, and he will push the bell to the right. 9. Click the double sided arrow so that it points to the right. There should be the stone from earlier on the left side of the arrow. 10. Click on the arrow a few times to make it fall on the arrow, and destroy the landmine. 11. Click on the door to the bottom left, and just as the guy enters the doorway click on the guy at the bottom. 12. The stone pillar will fall on the dog thing, killing it and making the way clear for your guy. Hope this has helped! I think is is about right. Any problems, feel free to PM me.As before, some scene points would be nice. I am new to this forum and want to build up a bit of reputation! Thanks!
  16. Woo-hoo! Scored 10/10 for Red Hot Chili Peppers! I am a music guru! Bow down to me! *slaps self across face for being an idiot*
  17. drumboy_14

    ace game

    Some handy hints:- Open all the windows. Why? You'll find out. Try and keep the double sided arrow free from objects weighing it down, this is obligatory. You can use the bridge to deflect useless objects This is all about timing. Hope that helps!! Some scene points wouldn't go amiss!!
  18. I honestly hate G4. They should go write some of their own music instead of leeching off other people's success. What a bunch of tools.
  19. Hey all, i'm new. Just wanted to share with you all a masterpeice of a website. Just so you know this is not porn, nor is it an explicit website. www.maddox.xmission.com Many of you will have already been here, but for those of you that haven't, i strongly urge that you do. This guy is so intelligent and funny, and some of the topics he talks about are hilarious. I particularly enjoy the articles he writes on feminists. Also take a look in his archives, these are all great also. The stuff this guy can do on paint is incredible. Anyway, take a look. Cheers. Oh, and if anyone wants to discuss any fave articles/quotes then please do so...
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