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  1. Despite getting my break writing radio plays, I do find a lot of radio drama clearly unrehearsed and rather wooden. But comedy wise, ISIHAC and Just a Minute are great, and I also love I've Never Seen Star Wars. Couldn't see the point of doing it on telly though, added nothing to it.

    The one radio comedy I couldnt get was Dead Ringers. Needless cruel and smug, and also I found those prank calls cringeable. I feel sorry enough for people working in call centres without wanting to hear them being wound up!

  2. In the mid 90s I got told Tim Roth and David Bowie repeatedly which I suppose was ok. A girl in a bar once said Simon Le Bon, and the same night a girl said Prince William! So one at least was seeing things... then it all went wrong when someone said Mel Smith and I felt like killing myself.

    Actually the most consistent one and the most pleasing one form me has been John Thaw in his Sweeney days. I can definitely live with that!

    I got Martin Freeman a couple of times and when i had a very shoirt haircut Eminem from several randoms. Weirdly enough no one ever says I look like my brother and I think I do a bit...

  3. Cheese and honey, cheese and banana, cheese and wholegrain mustard, cheese and bovril, cheese and roast beef...

    I like cheese you see!

    Peanut butter and apricot jam is tasty too...

    I really like cold wraps as well as sarnies, and reckon cheese with mango chutney takes some beating.

    I'm off to make myself a sandwich.

  4. A girlfriend of mine lived in a house in Leslie Terrace and every time I went there I felt really uneasy in the place, just something about the atmsophere. It felt very NASTY for want of a better word. I later found out a guy had murdered his wife there before thr present landlord had bought it.

  5. You have a Scottish accent about as much as I do which means not really ;)

    Oh you are too hard on yourself Stu, you do have one. Just because you don't sound like you live in Logie doesn't mean you sound like Brian Sewell either! A refined accent. The test is how one says the word Marillion.

  6. You have a Scottish accent though? That automatically makes you sound mental and totally hard to English people.

    It's the Begbie effect.

    As those who know me will verify, my Scots accent is pretty faint having spent as many years living down sarf as up here. Oddly enough though when I shout I tend to shout more Scottishly, so I probably did on that occasion. So that could explain why no one laughed when I said it!

  7. I almost landed up in a fight with someone claiming to be a McAllister, but I doubt it was actually one. This was six years ago, when I used to flyer on Belmont Street. Basically these two dicks walk past a kid that had clearly just been at a gig in Kef (he was eating a fresh bought pizza). One of the dicks kicks it out the kid's hand and then calls him a, "Fookin' Goth", which for some reason caused me to completely flip. I went up to guy asking him if he thought he was funny and if he was going to buy the kid a new pizza. He then begins to threaten me and I ask him if he's actually going to fight a girl over what was essentially bullying a child. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the rough a fuck looking woman appear behind them and I basically got a, 'I won't but she will... she's a McAllister'. They clocked that I was working and said they were coming back for me.

    Thankfully at the time, I basically lived on Union Street, so I just ran to my flat and changed my clothes for the sake of caution and kept my head down for the rest of the night.

    Good times.

    What lovely people. Respect to you though for standing up for the pizzaless kid. Reminds me of a time years ago when I was on the tube opposite this Chinese kid of about 18 who was in a suit, and had clearly just been at an interview for a job or Uni or somerthign. These kids were shouting racist abuse at him and everyone on the train was ignoring them. I told them to leave him alone which they then did, and when I went to get off the train one of them tried to trip me up. We got into an argument with me by now on the platform, then he started calling me a c*** and without thinking I shouted "watch your fucking mouth." I didnt realise until a few seconds later how daft that must have sounded.

    Mind you, I also once saw an old lady being throttled by a young guy who was trying to simultaneously grab her bag. I stepped in, and after leading her away I suggested she went to the police, and she then said "no point, that was my son."

  8. I regularly remember people yelling out to bouncers who had turfed them out of clubs "I know the McAllisters!"

    Back in the early 90s an ex girlfriend said her housemate was going out with a lad who ran errands for the McAllisters. He's done something to offend them and done a runner, and she found herself bundled into a car on her way home one night by them asking where he was.

    The story I always loved, but really don't know if it's true though, was a mate of mine who told me he was in the Sherriff Court one day and a pisshead he knew was there awaiting trial. He'd run someone over when pished, and was hoping he was gonna get a hefty sentence cos the person he'd run over was the McAllisters' Grandad.

  9. Short for Matthew, I believe.

    Mine of information, me...:D


    Sounds like a cockney variant on it! I just remembered now, the first time I ever saw him was turning the corner from George Street into Hutcheon St and he came round the corner on the pavement pushing a bicycle. It knopcked into me, I looked up to say something like "ouch" and nearly shit myself.

  10. False, certainly nowhere near as fast as TPAM

    TPBM is faithful to one particular brand of trainers.

    False, I have never ever been fussy on trainers. I usually buy the cheapest I can. But then I'd only wear them when I'm gyming probably.

    TPBM generally prefers brunettes.

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