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  1. Hey seeing as things never got off the ground with that bass player lad would u be interested in doing some singing and or guitar in my other post rock project? Got bass drums synth and guitar at the moment got 4 or 5 songs done just need vocals. Txt me on 07855526421 if u fancy a jam.



  2. cant figure out how to pm on this website but i'll give you my number, i have an electric kit and sum amps at my flat in rosemount if that would be any good??? unless u guys got something better? paid jam might end up a waste prob gonna want to talk alot. 07815447694 Ross

  3. varied list of influences, i'd be interested in jamming see wat comes out. i'm the drummer for TheWETFLEX but been trying to start another project i've got tons of bits n pieces of material recorded i would quite like to play guitar/vox/singing in something. i like alot of those groups in particular zappa and the mars volta but generally have heavier influences.
  4. yah that sounds pretty cool really trying to avoid hardcore at all costs seems to be all there is metal wise, a bit uncreative.
  5. I Hope Satan Isn’t to Big for you on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads just made this to show some of the stuff i've been involved with im drumming on the two untitled tracks but its fairly simple stuff as i was vocalising at the same time
  6. um. im kinda interested im not really into stuff as poppy sounding as those bands and my ideas are generally more arty sounding but im looking to have sum fun and that stuff is fun sounding. i always thought my ideas needed to be made more tolerable to the average human been listening to too much grind and black metal. i can scream and drum at the same time its hard but i've done it quite alot could be good with sum practice.
  7. hello um.. not forum posted for a long time. Ok have quite accomplished drumming skills, can play guitar to and extent and bass to an extent and can do screamy vocals really well suppose it depends what your looking for i don't do American accents?!!!!!!!!!! but anyway not been doing any bands for a while just loads of jams which are mostly all kinds of metal. Anyone looking for a drummer or vocalist for a metal band could give me a shout my influences are: ANb, Deftones, Kill Kim Novak, Pig Destroyer, Frank Zappa, NIN, Cult of Luna, Botch, Silencer, Belketre, Sikth, many Mike Paton projects, 65 days of static, God is an Astronaut, Dillinger Escape Plan....etc etc lots of stuff mostly types of metal or cool guitar stuff. On top of that i have written alot of depressing sounding metal and experimental tracks so if anyone is up for forming a band based round my ideas which could be sent on request i'd be very up for that. thanks
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