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  1. Roland jv-1080 64 voice multi output synth module 90 Review: Roland Super JV1080 sound on sound review
  2. Mike iD

    Akai MPC 2000

    MPC 2000 Drum machine/sampler 32mb memory 200 ono
  3. studio quad 4 4 in/out multi fx including box/instructions/power pack/4 way cable loom 90 A full review and overview of capabilities can be seen online here: Digitech Studio Quad 4 - Sound on Sound review Other quad4's going for 110 - 139 digitech studio quad items on eBay
  4. Let's bump this up ^^ and try again
  5. Depends on what it is, PM if you have anything in mind. I don't actually need any new kit but would consider PX for things that may sell more readily or take up less room
  6. Have moved from a extremely large 3 bedroom flat with a studio area to a one bedroom flat, so basically no room to set it up (it's a big old thing). Also, never got much use in the last few years as most of my production process is now computerised. (will be getting rid of some analogue outboard soon too)
  7. Mike iD

    Emu drumulator

    ancient drum machine, big metal thing with limited sounds (gritty disco kinda sound) 6 x seperate outs plus on mono mix out 50
  8. 4 x 8 jack -> 8 jack snakes insert snake 6phono+2 jack -> 4 stereo jack dozen mono jack -> jack 4 stereo jack -> 2x mono jack insert cables 4 2 x phono->2 x phono 3 stereo jack -> male xlr 2 stereo jack to female xlr 1 4 jack -> 4jack 8 midi cables That's what I could be bothered counting, there's more stuff too
  9. 24:8:2 with 24 secondary channels 8 sub groups, 6 aux 4 band eq with 2 mid swept Power supply and cable 200 Comes with a big box of cables for free if I haven't sold that separately (5 x 8way snakes, couple dozen other assorted cables)
  10. 80's digital synth 50
  11. big synthesizer workstation. Has sliders, sample memory, in built sequencer etc 100 One of the keys in the top octave is broken (replacement ones available for 3 on ebay here if you're handy with a screwdriver: Yamaha DX7 SY77 SY85 SY-77 SY-85 Korg M1 White Key on eBay (end time 12-Jun-10 15:15:55 BST)
  12. Galanti vintage organ - big wooden standing organ with built in speaker. Has a 'doors' type sound. 50 Has some tonal adjustment switches, vibrato knob, reverb knob. The volume control doesn't fade up (only off or loud) but there's a headphone socket (mono only). It's a big heavy thing and is in a 3rd floor flat, so if you want this you'll need a few strong mates and a big booted car (I can't deliver).
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