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  1. im available if anyone wants me.

    be warned ive only played a year and thats on and off and i really only like playing heavy music but ill try anything. atm i play RATM mostly(doesnt everyone)

    but i like the heavy stuff too :)

    i dont much like punk bit too happy i think :p

  2. Originally posted by Queen Kong:

    Saturday, March 13th at the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow

    20 approx each

    I can offer a lift in my car to the gig (leaving about 3pm Sat) but not home unless you want to wait til Sunday night to come home...

    Call Heather on 07739 342504

    im soooooooooooooooooo interested i wish i had 20 squids :( :( :( :( :(

  3. 1068881899_iron_maiden.jpg

    You are a True Metalhead. You dig the classic music and the classic lifestyle. As metalheads go, you're pretty open-minded in terms of music and lyrics; if it rocks, then you'll listen to it. Concerts are the pinnacle of the metal experience, though sometimes they get a little too crazy. You generally respect everybody else, but as far as you're concerned, they all wish they were Priest or Maiden.

  4. Originally posted by Nicky Ca$ino:

    Ah yes, you all may be short/average (height) but I'm betting you're all "stunna"s. And if you're not, go find yourselves a couple of sticks and a bisciut tin.

    *Deep intake of breath; get ready for the backlash (or back beat *[arf!])

    im 5' 11" but i have large hands

    and bassists as a whole are an ugly bunch but you know we have bigger peepee's :)

  5. i have an idea :)


    it uses limited bandwith and you can have interviews and stuff because you can switch between playing music from winamp to a mic input. the perfect internet radio station accessible to anyone with winamp.


    on top of that you can have guest DJ's connect to the server from their own computers provided they have Broadband they can do a good job and play their own set.

    i'd love if you would look into it, if you need any pointers or someone to help run it i have tonnes of free time. :)

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