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  1. On 11/19/2003 at 8:59 PM, Flik said:

    Furthermore, how many times do you see any real trouble in either of our venues? Having worked in too many to count over the years, I can safely say without bias that I have never seen a venue with less trouble, be it violence or illegal activity than HJB or Moshulu. We hire bouncers who can help us keep that image, not destroy it. I think our bouncers set a fine example to the rest and most certainly stand by them on this one...

    years late to this conversation but i beg to differ. The bouncers at Moshulu were consistently arseholes. Once got shoved down the stairs by a bouncer there on my way back from the gents. When I complained that that was dangerous I was told I was too drunk and got my arm up my back (I'd only just arrived and had half a vodka and coke at this point) and was thrown out. I'd left my jacket and keys inside so needed to get back in so I could even get into my flat. I stood there and took verbal abuse from other bouncers on the door for being a "faggot" and not a "real man". I'm not gay btw, just not a musclebound dickhead like they were. This is just one example. A group of my friends and I had to pile onto a drunk one time to stop the bouncers at Moshulu assaulting him for just falling asleep drunk in the alley to the side of the front door. Moshulu's bouncers were the same as everywhere else, too much muscles and attitude, not enough brains or morals. 

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