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  1. sorry if that was no help at all. But can we just get back to my original question please?
  2. It just has standard Alnico pickups. I havent changed them since i got the guitar
  3. Hey, Im kinda new to amps and stuff. Sorry about that. I dont know what kind of head I'm getting. Its probably going to be a blackstar Ht 50 or something like that. About 100w or so
  4. hey, I need something to cope with heavy metal. Good with bass and treble. I play a Yamaha pacifica
  5. Hello, I am in need of a cab. Not looking for anything massive, big enough to gig at, say, The Tunnels. Ideally in a price range of about £150-£250 Please drop me a note if you are selling one, I would be very grateful
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