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  1. Best boss pedal boss have ever made, its the one i would not be without next to the RC, it took me 3 months to find one,

    they dont do them anymore as they want to sell you the d,delay and reverb sep now, BUGGERS

    Worth searching for as its stunning,

    Good luck

  2. \Documents and Settings\chris.CHRIS-2YNTED41G\My Documents\My Picturesfor sale/swap boss CE3

    for sale is my absolutely clean and collectable ce3 this has not been modded messed with at all, and still as stock and still the thickest chorus sound out of a boss pedal.

    its the old green label so quality made in japan befor they move production to tiwan.

    number 494500 made in 84 according to this

    Boss Serial Number Decoder

    condition wise perfect working order, it belongs in your collection cabnet as there is not 1 chip on it, its been in my cupboard for about 15 years so the paint is still vibrant, no box

    50 or can swap for a boss TU2,, TU3 pedal tuner in equal good condition.

    or a boss tr tremolo


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