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  1. Hey,

    I'm 23, fairly new to Aberdeen... been playing guitar for years, can also play bass and tiny bit on drums... and looking for some people to jam with, or to join a band... (would particularly like the chance to play drums again, so if u need a crap drummer let me know hehe)

    Would ideally love to do some sort of heavy(ish) post-rock/proggy type thing, think along the lines of Mogwai/Isis/Oceansize/Tool/Porcupine Tree... dunno something like that lol... but failing that, anything vaguely heavy and interesting would be good.

    Like all sorts of stuff generally... Metallica, Mastodon, Dream Theater, Soundgarden, Biffy Clyro, Cave In.... more fave bands on my lamespace: www.myspace.com/aenimic

    Anyone interested, give me a shout! :up:


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