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Who won what?

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Best Act - Black Atom

Best Live Act - Black Atom

Best Newcomer - Radio Lucifer

Best Fudge performance - Onion Terror

Best Rock Act - Deadloss MF Superstar

Best Punk Act - Contra

Best Metal Act - Black Atom

Best Extreme Act - Asian Morrisette

Best Indie Act - Dedalus

Best of the Rest - Staccato Set

Best International - Macrocosmica

Most Missed - We become less

Best Clubnight - Bond*age

Best Venue - Dr Drakes

Lifetime Award - Shaz Drakes

Most shaggable male - Leckie Gilman

Most shaggable females - Norman's fetish

Most punchable - Ben Weapon

Worst Act - My Mind's Weapon

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and a bloody great night it was too' date=' i thought i saw you tom. i said @aright min" to some punter with a funny look on his face


I was about to come over to talk to you last night, but by that point you'd already made friends with a big burly man in a bouncer's uniform... come on be honest, he was taking you home wasn't he?


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apparently i was in moshulu last night. apologies to anyone i offended, i don't remember leaving the lemon tree.

craig fudge phoned me today still in his awards attire. he'd lost his proper clothes somewhere and had nothing to change into. my girlfriend found them in a bag behind the fudge sofa. which came as a suprise to all concerned

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