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moorings live CD


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maybe he will' date=' dunno what the plan is![/quote']

Yes we plan to have some real ones pressed with artwork 'n all and see if One-Up will help us shift them. The plan is to call it 'The Live Beast from the Moorings'. It'll contain 13 tracks and 3 bonus tacks, and cost 6.66. *waits for the flak to start*

There's still a couple more tracks to add to it, and we need to check with the bands that they are happy to be represented on it, and also agree how to split any proceeds.

This'll give people that have/haven't heard it, the chance to comment on it LMAO!

It'll also give us something to send off to any bands that we're trying to attract to the venue etc.

I just know that I'm:

A) Going to BE MADE TO regret doing this.

B) Going to regret posting this.

Hey but what the fuck!

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in this order - dunno the individual song titles mind...

Ghost of Bongo

Radio Lucifer


Ghost of Bongo

Driving on the Right


Silence in the Streets



Jo McAfferty

The Usuals

The Usuals



Red Medicine

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