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here is our website


We have the band history, which is quite long. so here is a squeezed down version.

Martin Prendagast was created Jan 2003 (so this gig will be our 1 year anniversary), we actually went into the recording studio to record an album the day of the conception, with not even one practice.

The members consist of Euan Reid (vox + Guitar), Dave McLeod (Drums + Vox, ex-Film28*), RossP (Bass, current Small Enclosed Area member + ex-Film 28* member), Marshall ( Guitar, SEA member), Tom (vox, ex-Film28*), Colin(vox)

i'll add some more info in an hour, gotta run up town to the bank

and here it is.....

Many of the songs featured on the debut album had been written by Euan, Dave, + Ross in a band they were in when they were 14. (we're all 20 now) The others were written in the car journey from Elgin to Aberdeen on the day of the recording.

Once recorded, the cd shifted a couple of hundred copies through word of mouth, all this before even playing a gig.

There has been two gigs in Forres in the last 6months, both near sellouts. We expect Drakes to be sold out for this one too.

Music style could be described as band with simple sing-along rock epics, crowd interaction, and a healthy dose of immaturity.

If you need any other info give us a buzz.

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