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wow! you don't even have to leave feedback. just listen! you don't 'have' to listen

JJ 10 Easy Wishes

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yes. that's right. i went there. have a look around and feel free to like/dislike! every track has no bass guitar, and all the vocals and guitars and drums were done in 1 take. which should soon hopefully be rectified. but who knows?!!! i don't. indeed. and there you have it. my opening statement. sit booboo sit.

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Shaun sent me a track a while back and i didnt really like it too much....but i think it sounds way better now (after the editing and so on)

So keep up the good work you sluts....!!

EDIT: How did i manage to get a negative scene point for this i ask!!!

I find this comment quite laughable....

'Unnecessary - the use of the last word in your post.. You just couldn't post just once without being nasty, could you? Disappointed in you, but I've come to expect it..'

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