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Thanx guys.

Keilan, Im using Cubase VST and using a Tascam USB428 so no soundcard required. Basically I just need to know 2 things

Firstly I recorded one track but then I couldnt work out how to record a second track lol.

Im also trying to suss out how to drop some loops into my songs from an external programme, "Abington loop software.

P.S Still interested in the mixer?



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im having trouble recording multiple tracks. Well' date=' recording one track is a challenge cause when i play the sound gets fed back at me about half a second later than i played it so i cant play along in time etc. any one else have this problem or is it my dumpy computer?[/quote']

I'm assuming you are using Cubase VSt v5.1 for PC

The sound getting fed back is because ASIO input monitoring is enabled.

The delay is determined by your sound card and drivers.

Options->Audio Setup->System-> Audio I/O box selects the audio driver to use.

Below this it states the latency (delay) of your soundcard. Ideally you want this to be less than 15ms in order to be useful monitoring vocals, guitar etc.

Box below this controls if you hear your input signal played back while recording - uncheck ASIO Direct Monitoring, you might also need to set the radiobox to Global Disable too.

Regarding having trouble recording more than one track, this is because Cubase defaults to being set up for audio inputs 1-8. If you only have a stereo sounds card you will need to change this.

Expand the track info display (the button with an arrow head, bottom left display window). Under record info section , below 'Enable Status' and 'Mono/Stereo' buttons there is a drop down box that lets you select the audio input for the currently selected track. Set this to an available input and try again.

A good book on Cubase VST is Fast Guide to Cubase VST, by Simon Millward


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