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Anyone been to Prague??


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Me and a mate are going at the end of the month, we've bought the flights, and am just having a look at accomodation.

I was wondering if anyone had been to Prague before, and if they could give me some advice on where to stay. We were just going to stay in a Hostel near the center of the town, but thought i'd check for opinions first

ta x

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Guest davetherave

Prague is great fun, very cheap beer and food along with cheap, regular, public transport. If you stay a couple of miles outside the city centre its cheaper, just use a bus to travel into town (buy your ticket before you get on the bus, or the bus inspectors try to fine you! I got away with it by speaking to them in welsh, so they gave up, thinking I was from anothet planet :)

Watch out for pickpockets, its the worse city I've been to for these bastards, they are quick and look just like yer everyday tourist, they hit a few people on our trip and they had to spend ages filling out lengthy reports in the ex communist block police stations!

I went on one of those P&J bus trips, one and only time I travelled long distance by coach, wouldnt do it again, as the coach makes your hangover seem even worse ;)

Did I mention the beer was very cheap :)



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When I went I stayed on a campsite just off the main road into the city, they had really cool triangular prism shaped mini chalets, and it was a bus and then a tram into town if I remember correctly. Maybe not what you're looking for but it is cheap!

Prague's lovely though, the castle, the bridge over the Vltava and Staromestske namesti (couldn't remember the name but looking at a map I think it was there) are nice and also some of the little side streets. Dag, yo.. I can't wait to go back there, we're going in July :love:

You have to check out the national dish as well, it translates literally to pork-dumplings-sauerkraut and I'm not sure what it is in Czech but it contains the word knedlicky :D

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stay anywhere you like, it's cheap as fuck and like the guy says, keep an eye on your shit, a girl we met had her camera and about 15 rolls of film she'd used stolen on the train.

also, DO NOT go to prague without hitting some of the jazz clubs that are in th old town and under the round. i'd go back there in a second, just for those. the music and atmosphere is amazing and the beer is ice cold!

have a great one



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Guest valley69

yip ive been, as for the 20p pint thing, yes if you go to some of the old bars youll get good deals. In general prices are about 50 pence a pint, just stick to the traditional pubs. The beer is fucking awesome!!!!!!! The jazz bars are good but yeh watchout for pickpocketers...the 5 floor music club is pretty shite though. Oh and the police, fucking hell! just dont take a piss outside or theyll fucking fine you. Intimadatin bastards. Pragues a beautiful city.

oh and ask aorund for a irish bar called rocky o reilly's its bout 5 -10 mins from main sqaure, we stayed in a hostel round the corner from it. The food there is amazin!!!

later . ollie .

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When I went we stayed in a cheap hotel near the river...great value with wonderful breakfasts. Some things I enjoyed(but bear in mind I am old of body and weak of mind)....

Puppet theatre (had a Beatles soundtrack thingy)

The Mucha museum.

The old Jewish graveyard (graves piled on graves)

The observation tower, and walk to the Castle.

Seeing the occasional Trabant tootling about.

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