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Tsunami Band Aid Charity Show at Moshulu - Back to the 80's


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Bands confirmed to play the back tot he 80's show at Moshulu on the 27th March are:

Black Atom

Baby Karma

Onion Terror



Stayover/MMw combo

Radio Lucifer


and still to be confirmed the 44's

Doors for this fine event is 7pm, first band on at 7.10, the format is 15 minute sets with at least 2 80's covers and the finale will be a version of 'Don they know its Christmas' by all of the bands.

Tickets are available from the Bassment and One Up and you may never get a chance to see such a great line up of Aberdeens most popular and diverse bands again.

more info on www.moshulu.net



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Guest tv tanned

15 minute sets?

well i guess if it's good enough for Band Aid...

Sounds corking.

I hope the bands will liaise to ensure we don't get umpteen versions of Wild Boys...

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I've not heard about this at all' date=' but we'll do it!

I'm guessing we'll just post up the song's we're doing so that we don't have five bands playing hungry like the wolf?[/quote']

Bands should pm me with the tunes they'd like to play and i'll tell them if thats cool, this way we wont have bands playing the same thing, nor giving their sets away on the net which will be half the fun, seeing what people do.



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Guest stuartmaxwell

my suggestions

Black Atom - "breadcrumb trail" by slint

Baby Karma - "rescue" echo and the bunnymen

Onion Terror - "teenage riot" sonic youth

X-Certs - "this is not a photograph" by mission of burma

Dedalus - "still ill" by the smiths

Stayover/MMw combo - "like a drug" by swans (this would actually be the coolest fucking thing ever)

Radio Lucifer - "depression" by black flag

Suvara - "bothers in arms" dire straits

i think most of these are 80s

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Can you elaborate on said MMw/Stayover combo?

Looks to be a pleasing night indeed! Same night as American Head Charge! ;)

some of weapon are away so we decided that instead of just making the songs sound exactly like a cheap version of blink we would hire the services of mr bruce and goldsworthy for the evening. (if we get to practise in time......)

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