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fudge award tickets...


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Can I just say that 8 bucks is a little steep...

Holy shit..I'm a student...I can hardly afford that...

I might show face...

No guest list places?


So long as you have stundent ID it's 5.50, or get yer grunny to buy yer ticket. I got served by a really friendly guy on Tuesday at about 4.10pm. He should get a pay rise.

I did think 8 for regulars was a bit dear at first, but it's not like these Awards come every week. It's damn worth it.

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on a slightly different note...how dressy are people dressing up for on friday? i am wearing a black dress...sounds boring,but i think its nice....are the guys out there gonna wear kilts...is there gonna be people virtually naked...tell all...(unless you are all waiting to surprise folk when we all get there!)hee hee


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