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Live recording at the Lemon Tree?


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I know quite a few bands that have recorded their sets at the lemon tree, and were able to put them on cd. I was just wondering if Small Enclosed Area could record our set this friday (11th March), as there's a few new songs we're playing that we would love to have down on cd.

Any information on how we could do this would be brilliant :cheers:

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ross - just ask the sound engineer on the night to record your set.

the lemon tree records to minidisc or tape' date=' really - bring a blank of either and you'll be fine!

hope it goes well guys![/quote']

Excellent, cheers for the quick response. [Off to buy blank mini disc right now]

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Ross' date=' want more gigs?

*wants to put on SEA sometime*[/quote']

Sounds like a plan, we'll speak more in depth about it on friday.

......prob best if we speak near the start of the night, as the peer pressure of Maxi and Joss will make me incomrehendable (sp?) later on in the night :cheers:

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