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i was listening to mart's fabulous remix of hookers green no1 and it got me inquisitive mind thinking, what equipment or software do you use to create remixes and how do you go about it?

its alright relax i'm not thinking of doing any in my spare time!

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Guest Main Agent

Depending on what you have in mind, a good sampler/wave editor, a little imagination, and a sequencer or device to trigger the samples, you could with your pc, try "software samplers", or "wave editors" in google, might give you some names of progs,

Stripey would be yer man, but I think he's banned :)

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Guest lime ruined my life

he deserves to be banned though!

soft samplers: gigastudio, kontakt

sequencers: cubase sx, logic, ableton live, fl studio

wave editors: nero has a wave editor for some reason, sound forge, wavelab.

theres heaps of others in all these catagories.

you could also buy one of those boxes for remixing, theyr like phrase samplers and sequencers in a box see rolands mc-505, mc-909, sp-808.

also mpc's, anything else with a name like "groovebox" or whatever.

of course when "remixing" you could also just mimic patterns on the original track with new instruments without sampling.

thats what i think anyway.

love ballad was composed partly on martins groovebox i think, i don't know what he did to remix it though.

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it is a fine piece of work indeed' date=' as i have said somewhere else before now.

not on here often enough as the site is blocked at torry academy (my abode at the moment). back at college soon.


nice to hear your still with us ian....

anything new on the horizon musically?

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