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simpsons suck compared to the brilliance of family guy or futurama.

not so i say

as masterful as futurama and family guy are nothing will beat the simpsons when it was at its very best

like the episode with poochie...

Krusty' date=' watching this report, is desperate. A meeting of the writers

and producers has been called to fix the problem.

Krusty: What the hell happened?!

Lady: I'd attribute the product failure to fundamental shifts in our

key demographic, coupled with the overall crumminess of Poochie.

Homer comes in with his suggestions.

Homer: One, Poochie needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a

time machine. Two, whenever Poochie's not onscreen, all the

other characters should be asking "Where's Poochie"? Three...

Random Guy: Great great Just leave them right there on the floor on your

way out [/color']

purple such a cool colour.....

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Guest *alex*

Dave! you, i remember you and adam having passionate family guy sex ;)

..anyone know how the fuck the syrup got on my ceiling?

i'm too short to clean it off...and i fear it might drip on me :(

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simpsons suck compared to the brilliance of family guy or futurama. and was dave topless again at the party...jesus..lol..

I like some Family Guy better than simpsons and vice versa.

If The Simpsons wasn't created then Family Guy and Futurama wouldn't have existed.

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