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wow two gigs in elgin in two months!


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You got the link wrong. What are OCD like?

I can't believe I lost a scene point for that post with the comment "disconsiderate". I mean, disconsiderate isn't even a word.

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OCD are fast hardcore punk rock influenced by Minor Threat, Ramones, Oi Polloi and Motorhead. We've been compared to MDC and stuff from Crass records. This gig is kind of our album launch, everyone gets a free copy of the new album. A mix of Oi, Punk, Hardcore and Thrash.

Other bands are

Saving the 9 - i'm not sure if we're split up or what

Julias Shadow - Kind of heavy emo, their good at what they do and can get the crowd going, i hear theyre filthpact approved?

Oddballs heroes - Pop stuff from the Blck Isle, kinda like Blondie if my memory serves me well

Boleskine - Metal/ Thrash - very good band

and i think 1 more band are playing but i don't know

Tickets available in sound and vision from Monday afternoon.

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