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Complete scratch dj set-up

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I'm selling my decks as a complete package type thing. I'm not up for selling individual stuff but I could maybe be persuaded otherwise.

Here's what on offer... all the best money can buy, in excellent condition and less than 2 years old. Over 1600 worth of stuff.

-Vestax PDX-2000 MK1 turntables (far better than Technics for scratching)

+/- 10% Pitch

+/- 50% Ultra Pitch

Pitch Lock

Reverse Button

Straight Tone Arm For Better Tracking And Amazing Skip Resistance

Far More Motor Torque Than Technics

Start Speed Adjustment

Brake Speed Adjustment

Cost 350 each

-Rane TTM-56 2 channel scratch mixer

Magnetic x-fader and upfaders that will never, ever pop or crackle.

Reverse (Hamster) switch on all faders

Curve adjustment on all faders

Channel reverse

Popless transform switches

3 band EQ

Pan switches

FlexFX for external effects units

Mode switches on all faders (does some weird shit, pretty cool)

Aux In

Aux out

Cost over 600!

-Sure M44-7G scratch needles

Probably the most popular scratch needle ever, and for good reason as when correctly set-up they just stay locked in the grooves.

Cost 40 each

-Butter Rug MK2 Slipmats

Specially designed by DJ Q-Bert to be best for scratching and beat juggling. Really slippy and super thin. MAde from 2 types of material, 1 to grip the record and the other to spin on the platter.

Cost 25

-Silver Vestax Headshells

Do nothing other than look cool.

Cost 15 each

-Replacement Silver front panel for Rane Mixer

Again, does nothing other than looks cool.

-Fitted AluminiumFlight Cases

Made to fit the Vestax decks.

Cost 60 each

-Aluminium Needle Case

Includes the black headshell that came with the decks.

Cost 15

There's probably more stuff I've forgotten. I've also got a lot of battle wax and scratch tools that I'll be selling too. Too many to list though.

If anyone is interested thenPM me and we'll talk business.

Coupla pics for your viewing pleasure...



Use Google if you need more info on the stuff for sale. Turntablelab.com is a really good site.

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