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New Night at Moshulu...


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i have a good idea....

lets have one night a month where we could turn moshulu into a 'shag tag' event!

that would be fun.....! ;) 10 at the door....and u get a shag for the night....if your lucky!


1. you're not alloud more than 3 partners at once....


2. all condoms sold must flavored

3. free vibrators MUST be issued

4. all males must get measured at beginning [no smaller than 6" -no bigger that 10"

5. Must provide a clean bill of sexual health!

6. Girls must be clean shaven on at least her arm pits and pubic area :D

7. No animals aloud [metaphorical and literal] ..... sorry guys!

8. on entrance all participants must sign a release form stating that any footage or pictures taken during the night may be circulated on the internet

ANY ONE WITH MORE RULES.........?? Reply

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Originally posted by StewCat

fuck you bitch!

yo' dont know what is like for us gingers in the hood...growing up in a world where me and my GWA (gingers with attitud) are the minority! so step back white boy or i'll pop a cap in your nut!

that has got to be the first post u have done without meantioning that your wet


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