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Fury Murrays on Friday night

The band will be playing at Fury Murray's on Friday night as part of four band line up. We will be onstage about 9 o'clock so all you guys in Glasgow need to head down as it will be quality. This is our first gig in Glasgow since our runners up position in the scottish battle of the bands competition at the end of last year. Don't know who else is playing, it doesn't really matter get down and see Girl Said No.

Extra Aberdeen Gig

Due to the fact that the lemon tree sold out so quickly heaps of folk have been trying to get tickets...it's not going to happen it really is totally sold out! To ease the pain we have decided to add an extra gig to Aberdeen to make sure you guys that couldn't get tickets dont miss out, we tried for the lemon tree but there was no suitable dates. Fortunately the guys from the Grim Northern Social gave us a shout and asked if we wanted to play with them at Cafe Drummonds on Saturday night so thats where we will be. This is the first time we have played the with the Grim Northern Social since the lemon tree last year, they are class so it will be a legend night.

It's Saturday night at Cafe Drummonds, Belmont Street - get down early as it will be mobbed.

The website

Our website has been inundates with hits and people signing up to these GSN newsletters so cheers to everyone who has checked it out. We are just learning how to update all the news sections so keep checking it out as there will be heaps of new things getting added all the time. If you havent checked it out do it now. Its www.girlsaidno.co.uk check out the tunes and stuff.... enjoy.

Remember you need flash to go on to the website so get it at the address below


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