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If we run out of oxygen, take solace in this...

April Ethereal

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Guest crime-is-for-dorks

From my perspective...I think it's ace, somebody you genuinely loves Stayover as a band took a lot of time, thought and effort to come up with that...It's flattering..

So is the fact you took time to surf the Stayover forums to find that.

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what i want to know is this a dig at the band' date=' at me or bob (but not dan...) or is it a go at the girl who drew it, or the people who sold her the paper or the person who cut down the tree??[/quote']

I havent heard your band so I cant have a dig and I'm not one who goes by other peoples opinions(and there have been a lot of opinions) and it isnt a dig at the girl either. Its tongue-in-cheek towards the way that you guys are treated like icons when you are a local band. towards the whole you and Bob and not Dan issue, I've met Dan briefly on a few occasions and hes a stand up guy buy I heard one of you guys was aiming looks and insults towards my mates on Friday and I dont take kindly to that and it aint fucking cool either. Maybe they are as just as fault as you two but if anything is said on these boards and remain on the boards. 99.9% of what is said on here is tongue-in-cheek and should not be taken seriously. Its when people take it seriously is when shit starts to kick off.

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