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Tremolo bar problems

Guest Salty

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Guest Philip

take of the plastic cover of the back of the guitar there should be a row of springs which create the tension needed to kep the bridge in place etc... how many are there?

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"Wah" is not a good way to describe the effects of a tremolo as it makes you think of a wah pedal, or playing with the tone control...just experiment with different levels of pressure in both directions, wobbling it, dive boming (where you push it right down so the strings go floppy>, try pressing it down one way then pulling it back the other...anything...try it with clean and distorted sounds...sure you'll come up with something...or get an example of the sound you want in a song and tell us what it is.

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I agree with Craig, trem arms are a pain. Two of my guitars have floyd rose's (the dimebag sig. Washburn and the Jackson) and they are more hassle than they are worth (unless you ALWAYS play in standard E tuning)

In fact my Jackson is currently getting set-up so that the floyd rose bridge is blacked up so it acts as a fixed bridge.

However it is fun every once in a wihle to whammy away, I find the best/easiest/most impressive sounding 'trick' is to hit natural harmonics on the 5th fret on both the high B and E strings, and then Dive bomb (similar to the solo at the end of "And Justice For All" and "Blackened" (although the blackened one actually goes up in pitch - not down)

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Originally posted by bryn:

no no no, u wana hit a harmonic on G 3rd fret. I saw Dave Navarro do that at Janes addiction - changed my life forever. Takes a second to get but believe me it wails.

On 'cemetary Gates' by Pantera, a third fret harmonic is played after the intro build up, just before the main heavy riff that everyone is familiar with.

Joe Satriani etc all hit those harmonics around the 1.8 fret which are nigh on impossible to nail....

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Originally posted by Mouse:

It can be hard to nail 'em perfectly but sounds awesome!

Yep... use a sharp heavy/hard pick.. i use those purple or green tortoise dunlop type ones u get in r&b etc! They definately do the job, its very difficult when u start playing artificial harmonics but once u get the idea it becomes easier with everytime u play one.

Dan Man, whats this whammy bashing all about? can't be having that -0 not from a BA member! Tremolo = the shit, enough said... i like wanking down the tremolo from some natural harmonics on the 7th frets!

Have to agree about floyd roses...pain in the ass to change strings/tune, etc! But when u are dive bombing all over the shop its pretty much essential!

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Originally posted by Spoonie:

a few years ago i spent ages looking in to getting a tremolo fitted to one of my basses. apparently there was only one company in the world that ever did it and they went bust. they were supposed to be rubbish

possibly the worst idea i ever had!



or possibly the best idea i've ever heard! Bass tremolo can only be a good thing! I suggest some sort of DIY job... best not do it on a good bass though!

Keep the dream alive.. but in the meantime how about you add some of this to your bass ... ;)


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