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...blink blink

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....it's true sitn it....blink 182 are no more. i'm havin a hard time coping. no more boobies, no more teen angst punk rock tunes....NO MORE TRAVIS. man it's gonna be tough without out them.

i want to hear some good thoughts about the late mark tom and travis trio.

NO BLINK BASHING i wont hear a bad word against them.

:cheers: beacause i did fall in love with a girl at a rock show. she did saw what and i said i didnt know. she IS so cool and i tried to sneak in through her window....(enter restraining order)...

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Guest MarkJDelaney

Can't believe it. I didn't know this had happened. Great band, good luck to them for the future I say! A lot of fun memories are always brought back when listening to Enema Of The State!


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