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Guest Cowboy Dan

New Death Cab Live EP

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Guest Cowboy Dan

Death Cab For Cutie Prep Live EP

Joel Ebner reports:

Time is running out for Death Cab For Cutie. Late last year, the band announced that it's getting hitched to Atlantic Records. Surely, they'll be a happy couple, but if the men of Death Cab have any of the indie left in them, they'd better get it out of their system now. There are some behaviors that the majors just won't stand for-- for example, releasing a limited edition EP sold only in select stores. And get it out of their systems they will: Barsuk Records is releasing The John Byrd EP-- fondly named after the band's touring sound engineer-- on March 1, featuring seven live tracks recorded during DCFC's spring tour in support of Transatlanticism.

The EP includes songs from all stages of their career (except for, you know, that first album), as well as, according to Barsuk, "some hilarious between-song banter." Hilarious like Seth on "The O.C."? Well, not quite that funny. As we clearly implied above, the release will be limited edition, and only sold at shops that are part of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores, Virgin Records, and at the Barsuk website. So scoot already:

01 We Laugh Indoors

02 Why You'd Want To Live Here

03 Lightness

04 Photobooth

05 We Looked Like Giants

06 405

07 Blacking Out The Friction/Brand New Love

Should be good, although "Why You'd Want To Live Here" always annoyed me...

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Guest Cowboy Dan

Uh it tells you where you can get it, Barsuk website will be your best bet. They're normally really quick with delivery as well.

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