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Mind Gone Blind

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We've just put up half of our first e.p. on purevolume.com available to download.

Tracks available are:

Time and Money


and Fear

Any feedback would be appreciated


Also available on our own site are a couple of acoustic recordings along with a demo version of one of our new tracks which will be featured on our second e.p.


Again any feedback would be appreciated!! Cheers :band:

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Time and money = great song.. awesome vocals, pounding riffs. I'm really enjoying this song, sounds like it must be a great song to hear live.

Evergreen is great. Vocals sound kinda Vedder like.. but with a great unique touch. I'm actually really getting into this song and im sending this reply as i go through the tracks for the first time. Definately about to recommend this to some others i know. Everything just fits perfectly in this track! awesome work guys!

Didnt initally like the start of fear till it all kicked in... Tool style! Fucking great because i love tool! Then what a treat to hear the vocals! some amazing notes are held at points! I really want to hear you guys live purely because of this song, not to mention the fact the other two are brilliant! Living in glasgow at the moment though!

Keep us this aweome work!

I'll spread the word!


Clear Tone

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As soon as I read Vedder I had to give it a listen. I'm going to write this as I listen because I am suppose to be studying.

Evergreen: Very nice introduction. The guitar is clear and you get a great first impression. I like both the playing and the production here...because both are so important in recordings.

You've obviously got a good vocal talent. I really dig the vocals.

The bass though...I dunno before you sing "Evergreen" it doesn't seem to sit right to my ears...but the sound is v.good when the song picks up more. Really ballsy without being muffled.

Ok it's at about 2.45...and I am waiting for something...and 3.17 comes along and you've given it. Nice step up with the introduction of some great sounding and well played lead...

This has to be one of the best tracks I have been linked to through this forum. Very professional sounding. Where did you record? When can we see you in Aberdeen?...I guess asking those questions shows that this MP3 has done what an MP3 is suppose to...

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Cheers for the feedback, glad you like the stuff we're doing!

To answer some of your questions, it was recorded at The Mill Studio near Banchory by Niall Matthewson, brilliant bloke to work with and just a great place to record at!

Not sure when we're playing Aberdeen next. We've just started gigging again after we had to replace our drummer. We have played at The Malt Mill and Drummonds in the past but would really like to play in Aberdeen a lot more this year, so we'll get something sorted soon and i'll mention it on here as soon as we have some gigs confirmed.

Our singer will be well chuffed with the comments about his vocals, Eddie Vedder is one of his main influences. As a whole we are probably influenced by Metallica, Pearl Jam, Audioslave and Tool among others.

So thanks again for the comments, very much appreciated! Hopefully see you at one of our gigs next time we're in town!


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