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The Little Kicks and AKA the Fox Lemon Tree tonight

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Get along to this tonight Y'all

The Little Kicks: +AKA The Fox+Dedalus+Headscene

Friday 18th February The Lemon Tree

Tickets 5 (3.25 concessions & regulars)

Doors Open: 9pm

Show Starts: 9.30pm

The Little Kicks are an Aberdeen based four piece band with thriving ambition and huge potential. Providing a tight, melody driven, upbeat set the little kicks hit you with original songs and an original sound. Using a mix of guitars, synths and keyboards throughout their live set, the band ensure that they never outstay their welcome.

From a very strong support line-up, AKA The Fox play one of their last Aberdeen gig before the whole band high-tail it to Glasgow in search of fame and fortune.

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