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Guest haigyman

happy birthday lawy lawson

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as it was craig's birthday,Aberdeen University's ghost and robot society went along to wish him a happy birthday,on the way they ran into jarvis who was also about to wish craig a happy birthday.As jarvis' legs were REALLY bandy,he had managed to get one foot stuck in a trannsylvanian swamp (AGAIN!) so the ghosts and robots decided to help him free.Unfortunately the master evil robot hiding out in the forests of germany decided to take this opportunity to attrempt world domination and sent out a signal to turn all the robots to evil.the signal was sent and bounced off jarvis' legs and all the robots from aberdeen to trannsylvania became evil.he rise of the machines began.

recognising their friends had turned to the dark side,the ghosts attempted to regain control but were distracted when a particularly cunning robot sent a holographic image of pacman racing in the other direction.



shit,thought jarvis and cried out for help.luckily as the sound echoed of his bandy legs,his cries were heard by craig who grabbed his guitar and flew to the scene where robocop and the huge big fuck off robot that the power rangers summon were trying to take da power back.

wtf,thought craig,while avoiding robocop's gunfire.all the robots in the world are turning evil and some stupid fuckers send robots to tackle the situation.


it looked as if we were all doomed.



when craig suddenly remembered that sounds of over 30kHz could make the robots' heads explode.

luckily,craig's guitar was actually the new physical embodiment of dracula and so could produce sounds of the frequency of an echolocating vampire bat.


positioning himself in a position where the echoes of the frequencies would bounce off jarvis' legs sufficiently enough to destroy all the robots craig reached for the 21st fret and raised his pick in the air as all the robots looked on in horror.


let's rock!


happy birthday craig! :cheers:

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Guest Vis

Happy Belated Birthday. Claire sent me here especially but I now see the underlying message. Or, trashy novel. *thumbs up*

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