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Guest operator zero

heh - now that i've read this i've got pangs of lust and want a new one!

damn yooooooooo!

will have to give up the idea of a holiday just so i can afford a nice new one!

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i bought my amp off of sound control. they suck ass. like the amp was well late in arriving so i foned up and complained because it was still super late and like that. when it finnaly came, it wasn't in a marshall box and it had no cables like power cables or the footswitch and cable so yes i complained again. they sent another one which arrived late so i complained about that aswell. the second amp arrived and then guess what? a few days later, and third one came. how cool. only recently a van was sent ot pick up the other two which weren't mine. damn.

but yeah i still definately don't reccomend sound control at all.

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