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Soulseek upgrade

Guest Cowboy Dan

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okay..umm...am i missing something..is it not working for anyone else? or just little meee?

i type in a song..and it *searches*..except it doesn't actually search..nothing happens..NOTHING.

*twitches* it's a conspiracy :(

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you've broken it' date=' duh :p

it does that for me as well though :|[/quote']

how did i?

what did i dooo?


the gay funeral director just got arrested for having bumbumsex with a hookerman. tut tut.

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ooooooooookay....i won't ask :p

...in a car park.

OH you meant..okay, well, i was watching six feet under. the delights of tv at 2am. wtf, why am i still up? fuck. essay. gah. i could go to bed now and do it tomorrow before college at 1...or i coudl stay up till very late and do it now then bed.

either way, i want some bed. and hot chocolate.mhmmmmmmm

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Make sure you've got the newest version as any older ones will stop working in the next 24 hours' date=' just got one of those admin message nows...

Get it here...

What the fuck!? I've been using version 155 for atleast a month or two now. How in the hell has it only reached you guys now!?

The new version seems a vast improvement anyway. I haven't had nearly as much problems with this one as I did 152.

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one song is half hour so ......

been done before try transatlantic and dream theater on for size

oh infact genesis aswell

To add to that, Boris once released a one track album, which lasted 65 minutes. No idea what it sounded like, but judging from their other stuff I'd guess it would be fucking brilliant.

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