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Bassist/ Guitarist required...


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bassist/ guitarist required.

when i say bassist/guitarist i mean one person who will play bass for 80 odd % of numbers and guitar for others....or there abouts... we have about 15 numbers of original material and can pull off a few covers. We've been doing studio stuff for over a year and are going to start gigging...

music ranges from jazz, rock, metal, funk, blues, weird, not in that order

(our last effort included a fusion of flamenco and metal)

any age, sex, height, ethnic origin welcome, no mullets*

*musicians with mullets will be considered, but should be technically better than

musicians with regular hairdo's

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thanks for your interest bryn...

the bassist we are looking for preferably has gigging experience, we are aged between mid 20's and 30's, but we are not ageist. (got a thing 'bout mullets tho)

we have gigging experience (but not together before)

Influences are fairly broad...the stuff we have created broader still... one we take the sounds out of the studio and to stage, probably a fair bit will change. On the subject of material...we are not creative nazis....any bassist/ guitarist who plays with us will be welcome to make a creative input...just having a bunch of stuff in the bag already is a good place to start...

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Hey Skuzz

27yo aesthetically challenged non mulleted bass player/guitarist with a year or so's gigging experience. Recently parted with last band due to musical differences etc etc yada, yada

Been playing guitar for a number of years but mostly on a part time basis. Like to think i'm competent enough. Reasonable lead work. Jacked that in, though, to pick up bass for last band.

Been mostly playing covers from G'N'R, Dire Straits to Iron Maiden. Would love to get my creative juices flowing again. There's nothing better than playing your own material i say.

Own transport/equipment (tho i don't have my guitar stuff anymore) Oh, and i can't really sing that great.

Mainly influenced by bluesy Gary Moore type stuff, the odd bit of Heavy Rock, but lean towards an 80's soft rock feel more than anything else.

That aside, I'm interested if you are. Email me at dodds_james@hotmail.com



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