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Nomad AM Is Finished


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For those who didnt recieve the email and who care

After weeks of deliberation, nomad am records has decided to cease

trading as of 15/02/2005.

This means:

1. We will be pulling out of the abysmalist plans for a compilation

and tour for summer 2005. Reasoning behind this being that it requires

a lot of money being tied up in the project that - realistically -

wont be coming back for a long time and we feel this could be better

spent elsewhere.

2. A new company (label and promotions) will be formed, working with a

different team.

3. Dedalus and copy_haho will be offered contracts to release further

material under this new label and to tour if they wish.

4. This in no way intended to piss people off. Over the last couple of

years the company has suffered from things such as: no accounts, no

stock taking, no proper infrastructure, an air of pretense and general

disorder from naievety etc etc. The new company will have a stronger

infrastructure working with new contacts and building on those -

something we never really did before, and felt it.

5. nomadam-records.co.uk will be shut down.


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