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Hello Keilan,

"So Much More" by Inept 303 was just reviewed, by some good soul... probably in search of Instant Karma for their own song. (Huh? What's Instant Karma?)

Click here to unlock the review.

If that link does not work for you, cut and paste the following: http://www.garageband.com/go/3BZAR87TTJ

Cool, huh? And now why don't you do an Instant Karma review to move "So Much More" to the front of the line for still more reviews?

Rock on,



Be sure to check it out!!! Check this....

hey I just wanted to say that this song "so much more" at #4 is pretty dang good. i'm from pierced who has #7 "kickin trash". man, I never thought that a cool band could come out of scotland! that is freakin awesome. have a good one dudes

I always knew we were wasting our time in aberdeen ;):cheers:

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