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Drew DigiTek

******* Rap Showcase -27th Feb -Snafu *******

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Truestyle and The Coalition Presents :

A Showcase of North East Scotlands Best Rappers and Djs.

With rappers







and Djs


Frankie P




For the Best Local Hip Hop show this city has seen you need to come to this. Great Music, Great Djing and Cheep Drink Promos, this has your empty Sunday filled.

Sunday 27th Feb


3 entry

Come on Down and support your local Scene and have a great time

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if it attracts people then cant blame them. Fudge used to do it all the time and still do probably:P

It's also liable to get you in trouble from the police and the licencing authorities...it's illegal (and yes, they do actually enforce it) to promote drinks prices on club flyers, but bizzarely it's legal to promote pub prices. It's also not allowed to tell people the price of drinks in the street - if you don't believe me, go up to someone that works for Moshulu (or Liquid, or whatever) and ask them how much the drinks are.

What the difference is, I don't know - but I seem to recall that clubs aren't even allowed to promote the drink prices inside the bar?

I'm not sure on the situation if the place is a club being used during the day/early evening for gigs, though.

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